Get rid of politicians who practice racial polarisation

“Get rid of politicians who practise racial polarisation. Citizens should make the change if there is to be genuine concern for national unity in the country”.

CHANG LIH KANG / PKR TEJA STATEThis is the message of PKR Perak state deputy chief Chang Lih Kang (right) in his speech at the Malaysia Day forum themed “Towards a United Malaysia” organised by PKR in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia Day yesterday.

Four other speakers at the forum were ousted Pakatan Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, Parti Sosialis Malaysia Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar, DAP Perak state chairman Ngeh Koo Ham and PKR Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin.

He said citizens of this country must put a stop to this blatant racial divide and rule policy practised by BN for the past 52 years. There will be no national unity in the country unless BN is removed in the next general election.

Malaysians deserve to live with respect and dignity

“We deserve a dream, where all Malaysians can live with together with respect and dignity”, said Chang who is the youngest assemblyman in the Perak Legislative Assembly.

“Whenever problems arise in Umno, the issue of ‘pendatang’ is used to sooth the emotions of Umno members.

“The 1Malaysia slogan by Premier Najib is distorted information as the ghost of May 13 incident is still highlighted by Umno and BN whenever they face opposition from the people to their political game”, he added.

“The misconception that Malay poverty is caused by the Chinese is Umno’s justification for their new economy policy which in reality does not reach the targeted group but serves to enrich Umno and their cronies”, he further added.

“There must be a policy to help all the poor communities in the country based on their needs and irregardless of their race”, he stated.

Seeds of hatred

“They (Umno) are planting the seeds of hatred into the minds of our younger generation. They are also being hypocritical in that they are provoking other races with the racial sentiment as seen in the April 14th report of Utusan Malaysia”, he alleged.

MB Nizarmohammad nizar jamaluddinNizar (right) in his speech said “BN is creating these misleading messages in their tourist promotions that Malaysians are living in harmony but in our hearts we know of no respect for other races as we have been psychologically programmed, by Umno for the past 52 years, to hate each other”.

“We have to distance ourselves from this racist era as they have virtually discouraged us all from ever practising racial tolerance”, he pointed out.

Nizar, who is also Bukit Gantang MP, explained that there is hard-core poverty in his parliamentary constituency. The poor Malays, Chinese and Indians do not have basic amenities like electricity and water supply in the 52 years of BN rule of this country.

Malaysiakini-Humayun Kabir
Sep 17, 09


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