PKR Teja: Umno cronies devouring state land

PKR Teja assemblyperson Chang Lih Kang today exposed another land scandal in his constituency allegedly perpetrated by Umno cronies, this time involving two acres of state land in Kopisan Baru in Gopeng.

The land is a squatter area currently being occupied by three generations of seven low-income families for over forty years.

NONEAccording to Chang (right), these urban pioneers (squatters) have made several attempts to obtain a land grant for this area since the 1970s, but have never succeeded.

Kampar land office has consistently rejected their attempts, allegedly citing that the area is road-reserved and is off-limits to the public.

“Then out of the blue, how did the Kampar land office suddenly give this land – claimed as road-reserved land … to one company named Duta Bermutu Sdn Bhd?” asked the angry PKR state vice chairman.

Duta Bermutu Sdn Bhd is owned by Orang Besar Perak Abdul Karim Mohd Jamil, and its two directors are Abdul Karim himself and Gopeng’s Umno Kampung Tersusun branch chief Taharudin Ahmad.

The company had issued notices dated Jan 4, 2010 ordering the seven families to vacate the land to make way for its upcoming housing project.

These residents then turned to Chang for help after their plight fell on deaf ears at the Kampar land office.

‘More scandals to surface’

The Teja representative held a media conference at his service centre in Gopeng today to highlight the problem. He stated that he expects more of such state land scandals to surface as more Perakians gain awareness of their civil rights.

Chang claimed that since the Barisan Nasional state coup in February last year, illegal allocation of state land to Umno cronies has continued unabated

He commented that Premier Najib Abdul Razak’s mantra “People first, performance now” is contradicted by this blatant abuse by Umno cronies in Perak, who are enriching themselves at the rakyat’s expense.

“It is very unethical to enrich the Umno cronies with state land which rightfully belongs to the poor and landless,” he retorted.

“They (the Umno cronies) are not eating the state land, but gulping it, ” he lashed out.

zambry abdul kadir interview 200409 05″I am going to write an official letter to (Menteri Besar) Zambry (Abdul Kadir) (left) today, and will give him a week to answer why so-called reserved road land can be given to a developer for an alleged housing project, (ignoring) the plight of the residents.”

“Failing which, I will then lodge an official complaint to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC),” he declared.

Still sitting on Sungai Itek scandal
Last year, Chang also exposed another state land scandal in RPT (planed village) Kampung Sungai Itek in Gopeng, which was allegedly allocated to Umno cronies.

He had lodged a complaint with MACC last year over the matter, but only received a reply last month stating the matter has been investigated and the report has been sent to MACC headquarters in Putrajaya for further action.



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