Open Letter To Anwar Ibrahim


Since the day the great Tun sacked his deputy, the seed of reform was sowed. The Tun Dr can either be scorned or praised for that defining moment when he made a decision to annihilate his deputy in disgrace.

And so began that arduous battle between DSAI and the Barisan Nasional.

Today, one man stands out battling a whole crew of BN aligned politicians. That in itself is amazing.

While DSAI has successfully reined in the decades old battle weary ‘opposition’ parties, BN rightly so now aims for that one single target –DSAI.

The billion-dollar question is: Will he survive the onslaught? Will his pact stay the ground, come what may?

Or will BN be hammered into a tight corner, fighting tooth and nail for survival?

The answer lies not within the power corridors of the ruling government. The answer also cannot come from the ‘opposition’ pact. The answer – fortunately or otherwise, lies in the hearts and minds of the rakyat.

If the rakyat cannot withstand the price that must be paid for reform, then they will have aided the demise of a political hope for many – DSAI.

If the rakyat believed that DSAI is not a hope but a curse, then BN would have killed this man the day after he was unceremoniously sacked and hackled in prison.

But what we are witnessing today is that hard to assimilate fact by several quarters, i.e. that DSAI is making in-roads into the hearts and minds of the rakyat despite the advantage position of the ruling elite.

If this is not true, the BN should test the waters. BN at best can arrest DSAI and all his powered-allies. Incarcerate them in prison. Sell the story to the rakyat about DSAI and his teams’ wrong doings. What will be the eventuality?

Will the rakyat celebrate in a euphoric mood or will there be a sea of street protests as in the likes of Tunisia and Egypt?

If anyone cares for the well being of the humble citizen, this battle must cease. Give the platform back to the citizens to vote their hero –DSAI or BN. And let the winner take the lead to re-build a nation of people who are praying and crying for a happy future.

……..Thanks to MT.

As Salaam,

J.D. Lovrenciear


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