Malaysia’s Anwar Injured In Rally: Aide

Channel News Asia

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim suffered a bruise on his head and a cut on his leg Saturday after police fired tear gas on protesters demanding poll reform ahead of general elections.

Anwar was brought to the Pantai Hospital in an ambulance along with his bodyguard who was also injured, an aide told AFP.

A. Xavier Jayakumar, a legislator allied with Anwar’s party, said he and other opposition leaders together with hundreds of protesters were gathered at a train station in the capital Kuala Lumpur when police fired tear gas.

“There was panic… Anwar fell down and hit his head against the concrete pavement,” Jayakumar said at the hospital.

“People also stepped on his leg. He sustained a bruise to his head and a cut on his left leg,” he added.

“Anwar is very shaken up because of the fall and because of the gas.”

Malaysia’s national police chief Ismail Omar said 1,401 people had been arrested, although Anwar was not one of them.

Jayakumar said Anwar was “OK” although doctors want him to stay overnight so that they can monitor his condition.

The injured bodyguard however had to undergo minor surgery after he was hit in the left eye by a tear gas canister, another Anwar supporter said.


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