JAKOA’s Director should resign immediately!

In response to the “mock election” training organised by the Orang Asli Development Department (JAKOA) at Orang Asli villages in Tapah, the Perak PKR Deputy Secretary, Tan Kar Hing, urges the department’s director to resign immediately.

Two days ago, Perak Pakatan Rakyat has unveiled the fishy program jointly organised by the JAKOA and BN elected reps in Tapah. In the so-called “training”, Orang Asli villagers were given mock ballot papers and were forced to “vote” for BN in order to get 5kg of rice. The entire “voting process” was done in front of JAKOA officers and BN elected reps.

In his response to Sinar Harian yesterday, Ayer Kuning assemblyperson cum Tapah BN chief, Dato Samsudin Abu Hassan admitted that BN and JAKOA did organise such “training sessions” and free rice bags were given out to the villagers in those sessions.

I am surprised to see BN stooping so low for election victory. I am also appalled to learn that a government department such as JAKOA can be exploited to this extent. JAKOA’s mission is to implement development to improve the socio-economic status of the Orang Asli, what role does it have in the election? Evidently, this is an abuse of government agencies.

Training voters to cast their votes correctly is the responsibility of the Election Commission. Neither the JAKOA nor BN has any right to organise such training, let alone forcing voters to “vote” for BN in order to get free rice. This is sheer corruption!

Besides, having such “trainings” and printing mock ballot papers with BN’s logo have clearly breached Section 9 of the Election Offences Act 1954, which deals with interference in the free exercise of a person’s electoral right.

Judging from the modus operandi, we are convinced that this is not an isolated incident. Therefore, in order to uphold the integrity of the department, Dato’ Haji Mohd Sani bin Mistam, the national director of JAKOA should resign immediately!


Deputy Secretary, KeADILan (Perak)

Tan Kar Hing

PKR Perak Deputy Secretary


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