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  1. 我今年19岁!一名来自笨珍的朋友!可以知道YB曾敏凯及Yb郑立慷是通过怎样的管道去自修法律的吗?因为困扰了很久!一直都找不到答案!


  2. Unclogging blocked drains and covering up potholes are certainly not in your scope of work. MauCariAngpow local councillor is hopeless. People have no other choice but go to you and you never fail them.
    There was a case where the waterpipe outside of a Gopeng school bursted. A member of the School’s Board of Directors (a contractor align to MauCariAngpow) quoted the school RM6,000+ to fix it. Someone from PIBG seeked help from the PKR ADUN. The PKR ADUN called the Lembaga Air Perak and the problem was solved FREE OF CHARGE by LAP. The Chairman from Board still have the nerve to pressure the HM and PIBG not to tell anyone. **No credit to PKR**
    This is just one of the SO MANY cases YB helps in solving. Kudos to YB CLK.

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